Planika Net Zero FLA3+ 1190 in Three Sided FORMA 1500 - Damaged Packaging only

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Model - FLA3P1190/1500FORMA

The Net Zero Emission & Carbon Neutral Planika Fire Line Automatic 3+ is theĀ FLA with an eXtra Long burning time for those who value real comfort.

Fire Line Automatic 3+ 1190 takes you to another level of comfort and satisfaction. Offering the most advanced technology and innovative approach towards fire design it allows you to enjoy natural flames for longer than ever before.Ā 

The extra-large fuel tank makes the FLA3+ the most convenient solution available today. The fireplaceĀ guarantees the longest burning possible with one refill without losing anythingĀ from the luxurious and stylish form for which Planikaā€™s fireplaces are so well-known.

Forma is a firebox insert ā€“ all in one solution, where casing comes with an ethanol insert, ready to be installed in the wall opening. Thanks to its zero-clearance feature, the opening can be made of and surrounded by any kind of finishing material. Forma is one of the most technologically advanced fireplaces on the market, using the BEV TechnologyĀ®. This solution is for the most demanding clients, who desire a Net Zero approach combined with a top-notch technology, safety and comfort of use. Forma comes in six shapes and six different lengths. Just like all our ethanol fireplaces, it does not require chimney or any hard connections. Install and enjoy the ambience and the luxury of a real fireplace, even in places where no other fireplace is possible.